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What is geocaching?

Which GPS should I use?

UK Cache Mag is a bi monthly magazine, with all kinds of hints tips and articles about geocaching here in the UK.


Regular features include:

Church Micro series

Village Sign series

Extreme geocaching


There are paged dedicated to the various regions as used on to try and make sure there is something near you in each issue.



Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt.

Using a phone app or a dedicated GPS device, you can try and find hidden containers all over the world.


These vary in size and can easy or challenging to find, Either on a nice flat path, or up a mountain there is a geocache out there what ever your fitness and ability allow. They can present all kinds of challenges and become an adventure to discover.


On 5th Feb there is a free into session at Stratord Upon Avon - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS



Many of the more seruious geocachers will chose a dedicated GPS over a mobile phone app.


There are many resons why, and many different features you may want to know about before buying a GPS.


Want to know more? We will add a reviews section and buying links soon





Adam Redshaw got started with geocaching back in 2008. After a number of years he wanted to read up on the hobby and went to the newsagent to get a magazine.


NO magazine existed so he decided to create his own and now travels around the UK discovering places of interest and sharing his passion for geocaching with others through the magazine.



Jan 2017 - Issue 28 almost ready to go to print, and another 75 stores being added to list of WH SMiths that stock the magazine.


Dec 2016 - New edition is now avaialble.


Nov 2016 - Deal with 50 branches of WH SMiths to stock the magazine.

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