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UK Cache Mag was launched in June 2012.


It is a bi monthly magazine specifically for the geocaching community here in the UK.


Produced every other month you will see a mix of reviews, tips and articles to help you get the most out of this brilliant hobby.


If you cache with a GPS or a Smart phone it does not matter as we aim to make sure each issue has something for everybody.


We like to include a number of reader submitted content in each issue, so you could also share your caching adventures with other readers.


68 pages, A4 full colour magazine, only £3.95 per issue. (Plus postage)


Also available in a digital format.

It is a modern day treasure hunt, using a GPS device, or mobile phone app to find hidden containers.


The containers, known as caches vary in shape and size, all will contain a log book for you to sign to confirm your visit. Unside these may also contain a number of small items of low monetary value that you can trade, as long as you leave something of similar value in return. Often these are things like small toys, bits of stationary, key rings etc.


The real value is in sense of pride you get from finding the cache, and the challenge of the adventure and exploration. you can find strange and unusual places of beauty and interest. often these could be much closer to home than you would of thought.


Getting out in the fresh air exploring your local area, finding places you did not know about.


Geocaching is suitable for alll ages and makes a brilliant family activity that gets kids out and about. Learn about the countryside, the local history and discover waterfalls, beaches, caves, footpaths.... The opportunites are as limited as your imagination.


what is Geocaching?

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